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스팸으로 인해 구인구직 게시판은 회원등록후 관리자가 권한을 올려야 글쓰기가 가능합니다. 사역자를 구하는 외의 모든 것은 홍보 게시판을 이용하여 주세요.  게시판 사용이 불편하시면 이메일(usaamen@gmail.com)과 카톡(아이디 usaamen)으로 내용을 보내주셔도 됩니다. 상업적인 글은 허용하지 않습니다.



[NY] YG/EM Pastor 참사랑교회

페이지 정보



뉴욕 참사랑교회에서 파트타임(part)/하프타임(half) 사역자를 모십니다.
지원 자격: 정규 신학대학교(원)을 다니고 계시거나 졸업하신 분
사역 대상: Youth

사역내용 - 주일만 사역 / 주 2~3일(주일포함)
1. 주일 성경공부 및 주일 예배 인도
2. 수련회 및 주일 프로그램 인도
3. 프로그램 기획
4. 교회 행정 도움(Half Time 사역자)

사례: 경력에 따라
파트타임 월 $1,800(주일사역)
하프타임 월 $2500~$3000(토요일 주일 포함 주 2~3일)

+Job opportunity : 여름학교 및 한글학교 교사 및 staff(paid position)

지원: 이력서와 자기소개서를 교회 이메일주소로 보내주시면 됩니다.

Chamsarang church in Hempstead, NY
We are seeking an energetic and engaging Christ-centered leader who can mentor, teach, and love our youth (grades 6-12) and young adults (EM ministry). This candidate will plan andimplement creative programs of discipleship, worship and mission for the youth of Chamsarang church to help them grow as vibrant followers of Jesus Christ. Please visit www.chamsarangny.com to learn more about our church community.
Responsibilities include:
1. Design and oversee creative virtual Sunday worship/Bible study programming for both students and adults.
2. Implement programming to develop students’ spiritual growth, coordinating
events including weekly Sunday gatherings, ongoing Bible studies, and volunteer training.
3. Subject to public health restrictions, create and coordinate meaningful special
events, such as mission trips, retreats, and service projects.
4. Recruit, train and oversee volunteers for youth programming, including volunteer counselors and teachers.
5. Build relationships with youth and their families through direct communication,
including communicating regularly with youth, parents, and staff, utilizing social media, the church website and other forums to advertise events and further the youth programming agenda.
6. Collaborate with other staff to minister to families through training, visitations, and combined worship experiences.
7. Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings.
8. Ensure that youth programs comply with church Safe Gatherings policies so as to create a safe environment for our youth.
9. Manage an annual budget for the ministry.
10. Perform other duties as may be required.
1. Active faith in Jesus Christ and a healthy lifestyle of discipleship.
2. Training and/or experience in youth ministry.
3. Ability to teach effectively and to inspire and lead by example.
4. Effective organization and communication skills (oral & written).
5. Must clear Safe Gatherings training and background check prior to beginning
Status: Part-time, Sunday worship service / Half-time
worship). $1800 per month. / $2500~$3000
extra Job opportunity - summer school staff(teacher) / Korean School teacher
Reports to: Senior Pastor
Application Deadline: Open until filled
Applicants can contact Rev. Shin at chamsarangchurchny@gmail.com


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