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[PA] Bucks County Presbyterian Church - College Pastor

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Position title: Pastoral Intern (Part-time)

The English Ministry of Bucks County Presbyterian Church is seeking a Part-Time Pastoral Intern with a focus on college ministry. We are looking for an intern who is willing to work with the lead pastor in ministering to the various colleges nearby as well as the students who have grown up in the church. Although the main focus will be college ministry, the pastoral intern role will include other opportunities to serve and ministry responsibilities: preaching and other worship service responsibilities, planning events, preparing Bible study materials, helping with outreach ministries. Those specifically interested in coming under care or eventual ordination in the KAPC would benefit from this intern position.

1) Have a passion and heart for our college ministry
2) Currently enrolled or graduated from Bible college/seminary, or M.Div. candidate or graduate.
3) Understands, receives and adopts the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Larger Catechism, and the Shorter Catechisms as adopted by the KAPC.

Responsibilities & Duties:
1) Help facilitate weekly Sunday worship services and ministry events
2) Organize and lead weekly bible studies and outreach to local college campuses
3) Plan and organize annual college and ministry-wide retreats
3) Conduct ministry care for our college aged members (counseling, visitation, fellowship, etc.)
4) Work with the lead pastor and leaders to plan, execute, and oversee various ministry programs and teams
5) All other duties expected of a pastoral staff member

Application Form: https://forms.gle/hGtD7in5CdLD6vFV6
Questions can be sent to: englishministry@mybcpc.org

Church Info:
Bucks County Presbyterian Church
1550 Levittown, PA 19057

Website (KM): http://buckscountychurch.org
Website (EM): http://www.bcpcem.org


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