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[NJ] Youth 교역자 청빙 – 뉴저지 가스펠 미션교회 (NJGMC)

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뉴저지 가스펠 미션교회에서 Youth 교역자를 청빙합니다. (Full-time 또는 part-time)
지원서는 아래 이메일로 보내주시기 바랍니다.
scs6565@yahoo.com & bklew95@gmail.com

New Jersey Gospel Mission Church (NJGMC) is a non-denominational, independent church located in Paramus, NJ.  We are currently looking for a full-time or part-time, experienced Youth Ministry Pastor for minister to junior and senior high students.

For more information on our church, please refer to church website (www.njgmc.com) and Youtube (NJ Gospel Mission Church).

If you want to be part of a dynamic gospel-based ministry team, we invite you to send your resume with a cover letter that includes your testimony and statement of faith, 2 sermons (audio or video files), 2 references (including name, relationship, email, and phone number) to scs6565@yahoo.com & bklew95@gmail.com.

After we review your submission, we will notify before March 31, 2022 whether we would consider next steps. All submissions of your resume/application will not be returned.

– Graduate of an accredited seminary.
– Minimum of 2 years experience in youth ministry
– The heart and capacity to study and teach biblically conservative theological doctrines.
– Deep-seated heart for youth ministry.
– Demonstrate clear communication skills in both written and verbal formats.
– Understands and values organizational leadership and teamwork.
– Strong devotional life and growing in an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Ministry Responsibilities:
– Preach weekly at the Youth service.
– Oversee youth group mentors and small group leaders.
– Shepherd through prayers, visitations, and counseling and discipling students
– Implement creative and relevant teaching methods to reach and transform lives.
– Oversee youth small groups that are in sync with the church vision and annual goals.
– Provide opportunities that will effectively build a biblical community.
– Involve students in both local and global outreach via special events and short-term mission trips.

Compensation package:
– Competitive compensation package commensurate with experience, skills, education and training


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