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[MD] Seeks EM Pastor (Half or part-time)

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Light of the…2021-04-28


Light of the Gospel Church in Maryland Seeks EM Pastor (Half or part-time)

Light of the Gospel Church (LOGCMD) is a local expression of the body of our Lord Jesus Christ and belongs to the Capital Presbytery of the PCA. LOGCMD seeks a sincere, part or Half-time EM pastor.

Under the canopy of our Lord’s grace, since the launching of our EM congregation in 2018, we have been experiencing both rigorous witnessing and its continuous growth. Though we are facing the difficulty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the unity and enthusiasm of our ministry are thriving, deeply anchored in the gospel truth and love. If you are open to join our vision, feel free to call and email us.

⚪︎ Position: EM Pastor

⚪︎  Commitment: Part or Half Time [Our ministry has great potential to grow up as full-time in the near future]

⚪︎ Salary: $ 25,000 - 30,000 (2,000-2,500 monthly).

⚪︎ Requirement
    - M.Div Degree (from an ATS accredited and committed to Reformed/Presbyterian Theology.) 
    - Ability to Prepare and Perform Exegetical/Expository Preaching.
    - Pastoral Heart and Mind (Clear and Convincing Internal Calling for Pastoral Ministry)

⚪︎ Document to Submit
    - A Resume and Recommendation Letters
    - The Testimony of Faith and Internal Calling
    - Certificate of Graduation from a Seminary (Photocopy of MDiv Degree)
    - Licensure or A Letter of Good Standing (if Ordained) from Presbytery.

⚪︎ Contact: Rev. Jean Young Lee
    Email: theophilo1435@gmail.com 
    Homepage: www.logcmd.org
    Cell: 267-577-0755


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