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[OH] Full-Time EM Pastor/Korean Church of Columbus 콜럼버스한인교회

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P.Lim2019-11-04 15:55


Position Description:
The Korean Church of Columbus (“KCC”) is seeking a Lead Pastor for its English Ministry (“KCCEM”).  KCCEM and KCC are a non-denominational church that is an Evangelical, Bible-based community.  KCCEM is a medium sized congregation of about 60 to 80 individuals, which includes families with young children, young working professionals, and college students (majority from Ohio State University and Columbus State).  The majority of members are of Asian descent, but people of different cultures and backgrounds are welcomed and desired.  KCCEM has a modern service format and meets at 1:00 on Sundays in a dedicated place of worship and at various times during the week for Bible studies, cell groups, prayer meetings, and other functions. The English Ministry is a subset of the larger Korean Church (approximately 450-500 people including children), which includes two Sunday Services (conducted in Korean), Youth Group (English), and Sunday School (English).
This position is a full-time position dedicated to KCCEM, but additional assistance for Youth Group and other areas may be needed from time-to-time.  This Lead Pastor position will report to the KCC Senior Pastor.
 KCCEM is looking for an individual who has a passion and gift for preaching, teaching, and evangelism, but also actively seeks to connect with individual congregants for fellowship and counseling.  A flexible, generous, and joyful personality will mix well with KCCEM’s present congregation.  There are established Cell Group leaders who serve and lead their Cell Groups, but this Lead Pastor role is an omnibus role that requires strong spiritual leadership and administrative know-how.

1. Qualification
1) Accredited theological seminary graduate (M. Div)
2) The ordained pastor is preferred (most mainline denominations accepted)
3) 1.5 or 2nd generation Asian American is preferred, but not necessary.  Fluent English is expected.

2. Credential and other documents
1) Resume
2) Cover Letter which includes an individual mission statement and personal testimony (2-4 pages).  Also, include your marital status and if you have children
3) Copy of M.Div diploma and transcripts of college and theological seminary
4) A copy of ordination certificate.
5) Two audio sermon examples.
6) Two recommendation letters (a. one professional recommendation—can be from the leadership of a previous church or home church; b. one personal recommendation—prefer a person who has been under your immediate ministerial care or supervision).

3. Deadline for application:  TBD
4. Contact person: If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. All submissions should be emailed and addressed to Senior Pastor Keun Sang Lee and Samuel Lee (Chief Executive Officer).
Samuel Lee.  Email: kcceministry@gmail.com
Charles CN Lim: pclim2022@gmail.com
Pastor Keun Sang Lee.  Phone: 614-764-8960.  Address:  2825 Snouffer Rd.  Columbus, Ohio 43235

5. All material submitted will not be returned. Prospective candidates will be notified personally and may be asked to submit additional information.


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