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EM Adult/Youth Assistant Pastor

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ncf2018-03-13 09:56


New Covenant Fellowship
Assistant Pastor Position

Church Profile:

New Covenant Fellowship (NCF) is located in Marietta, GA and is currently the English ministry of Korean Covenant Presbyterian Church, PCA (KCPC). In 2017, NCF was restructured under its new pastor to make disciples and reach the nations. Specifically, NCF feels God’s call to reaching multi-ethnic and inter-cultural people in an increasingly diverse culture and society. NCF feels that God is calling his church to bring peace and unity to people from all backgrounds. Though small, our church has quickly grown to 20 regular members and is continuing to grow. NCF also supports the youth ministry of KCPC, which sees a weekly attendance of 40-50 students.

Job Description:

The assistant pastor will work together with the Lead Pastor to continue to develop spiritual growth through discipleship. Primary responsibilities will include planning for weekly worship services, Bible studies and discipleship, overseeing youth events and activities, and occasional preaching.

Part time or half time position available.

Position Qualifications:

- Reformed background and training from an accredited reformed Bible institute.
- Love and openness to serving multi-cultural and diverse people in humbleness.
- Patience and commitment to seeing long term spiritual growth in church members.
- Passionate and driven by the Holy Spirit to raise up disciples and reach the lost.
- Previous youth ministry experience.
- Works well with others both adults as well as students.

Salary and Benefits:


Contact Information:

Church: New Covenant Fellowship
Address: 2100 Sandy Plains Rd. Marietta, GA 30066
Contact Person: Joshua Suh

To apply, please send a PDF of 1) Brief Introduction, 2) Calling to Ministry, 3) Resume to ncmkcpc@gmail.com


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